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Tortie and/or Tuxedo kitties

Like the thread on orange kitties as it seems spot on from my experience with orange cats. Friendly, sometimes a little shy, but very lovable. Does anyone have a tortie kitty? My Rosie is the most unusual cat I have ever owned. She is very smart and not phased by anything (noise, sudden movements, etc- she is very calm). She opens cabinet doors and drawers, is 'food conscious', knows many words, and responds to her name when called. She is extremely relaxed and is often laying in a position that looks more like going she is going in for a gyno exam ('nuff said...). I caught her in that pose once and it made the local paper. She likes to take a nap with me.She doesn't meow but chirps.

Her sister, a tuxedo named Zena, is also loveable but more like a cat. Zena is friendly (crawled into the tool bag of a guy who was fixing the fireplace once!). Zena is very active and also responds to her name and plays fetch. She meows and is much more playful. She likes to dance with me (weaving in and out of my steps to the music). Sometimes gets on her hindlegs and plays a high five (slapping her paws against my legs in play).

I really like the different personalities of cats. People who don't like them just don't understand how truly unique they are.