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I saw it on the weather channel this morning. 


Thank goodness she was rescued and is now safe.



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That poor baby. So glad that bus driver rescued that little one.

Anyone could have grabbed that child. Safe with father now.

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It's sad.  Hopefully the father is in a better position to take care of the girl.

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Thank goodness, this story had a good ending.


My DH who was a police office and worked the night shift used to get upset all of the time because toddlers and young children would try to walk to the local 7/11 store in the middle, of the night half dressed.


He would pick up these babies and didn't know who they were or where they lived.  Had to call Children and Youth and wait for a parent or caregiver to call and make a report.  


Some parents were drunk often and this happened more than once.  So sad, poor kids.