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Re: Today Show today: Bode Miller's Daughter's Drowning

A big part or the problem is that today everyone, including parents, is constantly distracted by their phones, tablets, social media etc. We all say that this will only take a second and then, it isn't so. This is a problem that years ago did not exist and therefore our attention was not as diverted as it is now.  I also brought my child into the bathroom with me and took my shower after he was asleep in his crib or my husband was home. Also, playpens seem to be looked down upon now, at least among people I know.  They are not cages and of course should not be overused. When I cooked my son was in his playpen. Playpens have probably saved countless precious lives. In Florida, responsible parents of young children have pool fences around the pool or pool alarms and door alarms to protect their own kids. The fence around the property only protects other people's kids!  I lost my toddler in a split second in a department store on a Black Friday. years ago. He thought it was funny so he kept hiding under a table full of merchandise.  It was the longest five minutes of my life. I was so lucky to find him.  I don't understand the anger here accusing others of being "supermoms"  We all try to do the best we can, so why not use all the tools available?.

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Re: Today Show today: Bode Miller's Daughter's Drowning



I did read some of them and I don't agree.  I don't think I could make much of a difference in their thinking if they are that set in what they think so I didn't say much.  I truly believe most of us here would be forgiving.  As unfortunate and traumatic as this is, it doesn't make her a bad mother.  I'm sure she loved that little girl with all her heart and soul.