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Re: Today Show this morning from London

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Yes, it is. Just like the British term "sprog" is used to refer to an unborn baby. 


Not everyone uses or finds either term endearing, trust me.


BTW, the term "buggers" isn't used nicely when referring to adults. Said under your breath, "the little bugger" or "he's a right bugger" means something ENTIRELY different. In the US it would be substituded with a word that starts with an "f" and ends in "k". So, you see why not everyone finds it to be endearing.......

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Re: Today Show this morning from London

@lily of the wrote:

Did anybody watch the Today Show this morning when Savannah was talking to their correspondent in London about the new baby boy.  Did I hear right?  Did she say everyone is waiting to see "the little bugger?"  Is that a common term in London, England?

@lily of the 

I was watching, too, and immediately looked at the closed captioning to see if I heard correctly.  Closed captioning substituted the word "baby" for "bugger."  So I thought maybe i had mis-heard.  Guess not!