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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

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It wasn't a bad day for us- in another thread I'd shared our nephew had tested positive, now his mom (my sister-in-law) tested postive and showing symptoms- her Dr. has started her on steroids..  We are quite concerned for them of course so today was ok yet stressful, for lack of better words.


Off Note, please add them to your prayers- that would be more than greatly appreciated.  I said mine tonight and gave thanks for everything bestowed upon us and to heal those that are sick.


It's just the two of us here and Bussie so we had sketty and pumpkin pie..  

@Suziepeach, I hope that your nephew and his mom recover quickly and fully.

@suzyQ3 and all, thank you so very much- that means more to me & my family than you'll ever know.  Much love and hugs to all..  Heart

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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving



It hasn't felt normal all year, so why should today feel "normal"?


I'm thankful no one I love -- or even know -- died of Covid.  I have enough food, toilet paper and papertowels (LOL).  I'm not experiencing a financial crisis or standing in line at a food bank.   Our country has a chance to get back to some version of normal.  


The people I love are okay and  my kitty cat Bogey is snuggling next to me ... and purring.  Cat Very Happy


I am thankful.  Heart

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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

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@liliblu No, but weren't Rockwell pictures meant to be depictions of an idealized American existence?

That is still subjective.  What makes Thanksgiving special?  What makes it perfect?  I think we have a tendency to view the past through rose colored glasses.  Freedom From Want was painted in 1943 and based on a speech by Franklin Roosevelt. But this idiolized painting of an American holiday left so many of her citizens out.


“The third is freedom from want — which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peace time life for its inhabitants — Everywhere in the world." - FDR

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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

We are doing our Thanksgiving this Saturday so will feel like it then.  My daughter is hosting and just her family and us two.  Live down the street.


I spent  the day finishing up my decorating.  Said wasn't going to do as much this year but I did.  Looks nice.


Had steak and shrimp for dinner.  Grand daughter spent the night and we watched movies and hung out.  Took a walk earlier. 


I am not letting the pandemic spoil everything for us.  Just changing things up this year until we get through all of this and we pray we will.


I am Thankful for everyday.  No matter what.  If I am not feeling it I make myself because I have others depending on me.  


To be honest in away I am feeling less stressed about holidays because less going on.





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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

It is what you make it, and some make it more depressing than it needs to be.  My heart goes out to those who have suffered losses and who are alone.   


It was different for us - only 3 at the table instead of 12 - and we grilled steaks instead of roasting a big turkey,  Hey, I don't like turkey anyway!   Dinner was simple to make - I wasn't in the kitchen for 3 days before. Yay!   Clean-up was really simple.  Our table talk was about what we are grateful for and happy about, pandemic et al.  And, yes, it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving.  Others have it worse and we're happy for what we have.  We donated to our annual community Thanksgiving dinner, so I feel good about that.

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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

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@noodleann wrote:


"Freedom from Want," Norman Rockwell, 1943


 I just had to say something about this picture. I realize that not everyone likes it but it brought tears to my eyes and took me back to some sweet memories.
Every Thanksgiving of my life (while Grandma and Grandpa were still alive) we celebrated the holidays almost just like this picture. Grandpa didn't wear a suit, however. 
The good china, the silver, grandma with her pretty apron still on and all of us having a great time. Cooking was her thing.  She loved it. She started weeks ahead making assorted candies and sometimes we got to help. The table was set very similar to this one except the turkey was already sliced and on a beautiful plate. We had to dry dishes and didn't mind at all! 
In my mind ...till this one could cook as good as Grandma.  They lived on a farm and grew every kind of fruit and vege's you could think of so everything was so fresh. Grandma did this every year she could. When DH and I got married she was still doing it!  Thanks for the memories. Oh, how I miss them.
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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

@jubilant @Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories. I really believe the only lasting gift is love.

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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

@Marp Love this

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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

As my parents get older, holidays are different.  It's not realistic to expect the same scenerios of years past and I don't.  


They'd rather not travel to see anyone anymore even though they are quite close by to family and could be picked up.  They are quite content just being together.  It's been like this for a few years, long before this pandemic.


I, on the other hand, love the hustle and bustle and stress (lol) of having every thing perfect and food food food for all.  I love to cook and *get in a zone* and it's almost like a high.  I thought I'd miss it terribly yesterday because the days leading up to Thanksgiving gave me all kinds of different feelings. 


Visits with our children and grandchildren and the rest of my family will be in spurts this weekend and the next few.


Somehow I was content with it just being my husband and I.  I guess I could end up being like my mother and that's okay.  But that's 30 years from now!



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Re: Today Doesn't Even Feel Like Thanksgiving

My husband cooked a wonderful dinner for us two including a perfect totally homemade pumpkin pie. Tonight we will be celebrating at our daughter's, along with her husband, the grands, and another honorary member of the family.


We'll be outside and physically distanced, enjoying take-out -- and our leftover pie.

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