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Re: To travel or not to travel

@I am still oxox - So glad your numbers are going down. My daughter also lives in WC with my 3 granddaughters. 


I would say for the time being, you should probably postpone your trip to maybe the Fall. 


As I am in SC, any trip to see my daughter would also involve a 14 day quarantine so I too will have to reschedule.


I would also keep a check on your numbers as many from NY and surrounding areas have headed home from their Fourth of July vacations and your numbers might start going up. We are a hot spot state.

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Re: To travel or not to travel

Earlier in the thread the OP shared she is not traveling and is on a staycation. Good news!

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Re: To travel or not to travel

@amyb wrote:

@Dragonfly416 wrote:

My sister lives in South Carolina and is planning on visitng my elderly parents (Mom 83, Dad 89) next month in Florida. My parents have been very careful the past few months, only going out when necessary. My brother, who lives close by, has been checking on them regularly and bringing them food, etc. He gets tested regularly because he is in the health care field, and is very careful to wear a mask around them and stay six feet away.

I'm so angry, however, because my sister believes the entire thing is a hoax, refuses to wear a mask, and will defintely put my parents at risk. They don't want her to come, but she is very pushy and has been known to just show up at their door to "surprise" them in the past. I told her to stay away, from them right now, but she just laughs at me and tells me it's all lies. Soo frustrated and scared for my parents.

I share your anger at ridiculous and selfish people acting as they wish on this. My mom died of it in April. My friend's mom died of it before my mother. Another friend's grandmother died. And those are just the people near and dear to me. Where do people like your sister think these thousands of deaths are coming from..."the hoax?"

No more words needed on that. 

Everyone, be vigilant, stay safe, think of others, do what's right for the common good. On the travel note...we're seriously looking into self-contained (eating, sleeping) campers, just noodling ideas as a maybe. But have been doing nothing so far...only occasional take out, grocery deliveries since early March, only just started to go to Fresh Market and only when they first open, for a few quick essentials. No gatherings etc. Numbers got better here in CT, but I've never seen so many NY, NJ cars in our state as this year (we used to be "the boring sticks" to New Yorkers (I know many), but not this year!...are they all doing the "required" 2 wk quarantining? Doubt it...the restaurants are packed, tables on top of one another outdoors, no one seems to care. sigh.  

@amyb  - I'm so terribly sorry about the losses of your loved ones. This is a nightmare we're living through. Please be careful out there.

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Re: To travel or not to travel

I didn’t read all responses. We returned from our trip. Airports empty, planes empty Alaska airline says they put a filtration system in 99. % 

Everyyone has to wear mask in airports and plane. There are so few people we were more than 6ft. We are healthy. I didnt visit people. We felt safe visiting Idaho, we were socially distant and wore mask but were able to enjoy new surroundings. (Outdoors)

I brought Chlorox  wipes. 

We needed to get away, my husbands been working and glad we did. I wouldn’t go to a casino. We ate outdoors and outdoor activities. Have good hygiene.