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I'm going to get my hair cut, colored, and blown out in two weeks. I won't be back until after Christmas so I'm going to give the gifts when I go. I go to the salon about five times a year. I tip my stylist 20% and tip the woman who shampoos my hair $5.00. I give my stylist $50 for Christmas ( plus she gets the tip for the services she provides) and I give the woman who shampoos $25. Is $50 enough for the stylist, and I feel like $25 isn't enough for the shampooer, I don't want to give her $50, would it be okay to give her $30 ( or is that an odd number to give)?

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@Jordan2 Those numbers sound fine. Don't over think this!

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What you are going to do sounds great

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I agree with @Love my grandkids.  I think they will be happy with whatever amount you decide to give.  You will get all sorts of replies here because of the difference in the cost of services throughout the country.  i think the general rule of thumb is the cost of one visit for the sylist.

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It sounds to me like you are being very kind and generous. As far as the amount to give the girl who shampoos your hair, if you want to give her 30.00, do that and don't worry about it. I think these ladies will be very happy with what you are giving them.

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Wow!  I'm glad I go to Supercuts--LOL!!!



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As a Stylist, I'm happy to receive anything from my customers.I know some that just don't have extra & thats fine also.

I know its different in areas but it seems we all should be grateful with anything e xtra .JMO
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IMO, sounds like a lot of $$ to be tipping. I give 20% and let the stylist or colorist, whatever I had done, figure it all out. Why should customers have to do all the math & calculations?

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$50 way too much.  You're saying - thank you - not buying the shop.

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I double the tip for a Christmas gift.  I also leave my normal tip.  

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