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Dave Ramsey recommends Time Share Exit.  I like to think he wouldn't recommend a scam company.

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@froggy wrote:

Why would your children be stuck with the expenses? Are they on the timeshare contract? Children are not responsible for their parents' debt.

Maybe they will go after the parent's estate reducing their children's inheritance.

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Re: Timeshare Exit Help

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    DH & I have had horrific experiences with time share salespeople going back 35 years.We have been cursed at for refusing to buy.One time a salesman refused to drive us back to our hotel as promised.We had to make a ruckus before someone agreed to drive us just to keep us from disrupting the “potential buyers”.

  Luckily,we never bought.I know people who have .Most of them are unhappy.Fees are too high, trouble booking & virtually impossible to recoup your investment.

  I really don’t know how they are even legal.They have almost no consumer protections.