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Tiggi, my Maine Coon, not doing well :(

I'm so worried about her. Tuesday morning when I left for work she was fine. At 5 PM when I got home from work, she ate her food but wasn't all that enthused over it. I don't free-choice feed. At 10 PM I fed her again and she only ate half. (I'd switched her over to Simply Nourish Chicken & Rice on September 23 + canned Earthborn Holistic chicken).

At 3 AM Wednesday I got up to check on her and she is laying on her side in the middle of the living room, - totally out of character, I checked her and she wasn't hot, I went back to bed. Right after that I heard her in the litter box and she had diarrhea, which she NEVER has.

At 6 AM when I got up for work, I gave her 1 tsp Activia yogurt, she threw it up 30 minutes later. So I withheld her food for 12 hours, last night I got home and boiled chicken and white rice to feed her. She liked it and kept it down.

Yesterday was a horrible day where I live. It's normal for her to hide under a recliner when it rains. We had rain and storms off/on all day yesterday, plus noise from the trash pick-up, and the lawn crew was mowing grass, and there were tree-trimmers the next condo over cutting down a tree and grinding it up. I know this all spooked her.

Now this morning she is refusing all food, she did eat maybe 10 to 15 kibbles of her Blue Buffalo she used to eat, but threw those up.

I have an appt at the vet at 2:30 PM, the soonest I could get in today.

I'm thinking hairball. The Simply Nourish didn't have as much fiber as the Blue Buffalo and the Iams I used to feed her. With those she would sometimes have furballs that were 1" x 4" long, even giving her furball gel. It's been MONTHS since she's had a furball of any size, and they used to be quite common.

I hope to God it's nothing serious, if it's a hairball that needs surgically removed, she may not survive the anesthetic this time - and I think that is what caused her 2 strokes in February.