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Re: Tiger Loose in Knoxville, TN

As far as I know, a 15 ft python is still loose in Morgantown, WV, a year and a half after it got out of an unsecured cage in a pickup truck.  

A 10 ft snake escaped from its home in Richwood, WV a few weeks later, but that snake was captured within a few days.   It was still in the immediate area.  


Am sure this tiger story will stay in the news until it is either killed or captured; the updates on the snakes stopped within weeks.    

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Re: Tiger Loose in Knoxville, TN

There were no new developments today.  The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has taken over the search.   According to Knox News, the TRWA's spokesman said "we haven't received any new sightings or information from the public, and our trap has been removed due to inactivity, At this time, we are not actively searching for it due to a lack of new sightings or reports, but officers are on duty and will respond to any tiger sighting calls.


Some have suggested it was a bobcat or cougar.

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Re: Tiger Loose in Knoxville, TN

A bobcat or cougar???  Now that would be a sight to see...striped bobcat or striped cougar. I don't know which one to pick.

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Re: Tiger Loose in Knoxville, TN

Let's hope it's a 'nice' tiger or cat or whatever.


Maybe someone's pet.


Hopefully, if a nice one, it can be captured and not killed. 


I believe and hope that one would be able to see whether or not it looks vicious.


Hopefully it won't be hungry if and when approached by LE, animal control, or a person.  


Let's wish him/her well and safety, and also area residents, of course. 



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