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Always enjoyed those guys/gals. Here in Seattle, during July/August we have Seafair Days ---the first weekend in August are the hydroplane races where the Blue Angels do a show--they come in on  Thursday  and then Friday and Saturday, they practice--the floating bridges are closed down and people gather all along Lake Washington shore to watch.

My dad worked for Boeing and was an airplane junkie so as kids we would go to the various air shows. I saw the B/A as well as the Thunderbirds and the Snow Birds too. 

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We saw them right over us. practicing for their show at the Michigan cherry festival.They were so low it was amazing. DH, USAF vet, was in his happy place.  Thanks for the photos! We love seeing them fly, as well as the Blue Angels.

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We had an airshow here that included the Blue Angels back in 2008.  When they were practicing in the days before the show they often flew over my house.  I took LOTS of pics during the show.  Sadly, the 2nd day of the show there was a pop-up storm and an AC unit in one of the tents toppled over and killed a child.  There have been no air shows here since.  


Here's a few of the pics I took.  I had to include one where the Blue Angel was waving directly at ME, LOL.  


Blue Angels Montage.jpg