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                I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. I hope that you will find comfort in knowing that she had other family members happily waiting for her and she is happy. You are in my prayers.

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My thoughts and prayers are with your wife and family at this sad and difficult time🙏...



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Deep sympathies & coping prayers to Cindy & your mom-in-law's other dear ones, & a hug to you, John, since I know you were fond of her.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you, Cindy.  May you be blessed and know that your mom will always be watching over you. Know that she is now walking the streets of gold. 

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Cindy,John,family members and friends,


May you find comfort with your memories ,and the love of the  of Cindy's mother be with you always.


Please look in the sky for another bright shining star.

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Dear Cindy,

You don't know me, John doesn't know me.  It isn't important.  What is important is that many of us understand the tremendous loss you've just experienced.  

All of us here loves your John, he's special, but you know that.  Just as we know how special John is we also know that he will watch over you and help you through this time of terrible sadness.  


Here's how I think of it Cindy,  Just as John is special he chose you to spend his life with.  That tells me you must be on very special person.  Your Mother raised you, so (in my eyes) that makes her amazing.  


I lost my Mother many years ago.  It is crazy to say that 'you'll get over it' because we never get over losing our Mom.  I think it makes sense to say to someone who lost their Mom that we learn to live without them.  


There will be times when you will go to pick up the phone and call Mom, or you will think, "Wait til I tell Mom"....that's normal, it's part of the grieving process.  I once read where God made it possible for us to grieve the loss of a loved one so that we can also experience the joy of remembering the wonderful times we had with them.  Eventually, the joy that you and your Mom had together, the memories only you and your mom had will replace the sadness you are feeling now.


My advice to you, John and all in your family is to put pictures around of your Mom.  Talk about her.  When you have her funeral let people get up and tell sweet, funny stories they experienced with her.  You'll learn things about her you didn't know, fun things that will make you love her even more.


When my Mother, sister and husband died, we did just that.  We celebrated their lives.  We still tell stories about each of them.  Sometimes a sadness overcomes us, then someone will pop up and say, "Well, who remembers when Mother did this or that?"  It's a way for all of us to share our sadness and at the same time share the joy the one's we've lost brought into our lives.


Cindy, I guarantee you, as much as you loved your Mom there are others who also loved her and would like to tell you how she touched their life.  


One more thing.  In our family for as long as I can remember we have a 'thing' where every time we see a penny laying on the ground, in a drawer, anywhere, we see it as a sign our loved one is reminding us they are looking over us and we stop, look up to the Heavens and say, "Hello Mother" (or whomever we've been thinking about recently).


I'm so sorry.  My heart is heavy for you and John.  I don't believe you have to know someone to tell them you understand because most of us go back to the time when we lost someone we loved dearly.


Take care.  Give John a hug for all of us (I know he's hugging you), (his Cindy) right now.  Annabelle/Linda

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John, please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your mother in law.


When Cindy is able to come to the computer and read these posts, please share this one with her (I have an American Greeting subscription)


I will lift your family in prayer.

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Dear John and Cindy. i 'm so sad to hear about Cindy's Mom.

offerring my Sympathy and Prayers for your Family


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Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with Cindy and you. I am sorry for your loss.

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