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I'm so sorry. Try not to worry until you hear something. Is there anyone else you can call? I'll add you both to my prayers.

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@hckynutjohn so sorry to hear this news about your friend.  I'm sending healing thoughts for him and will keep him in my prayers.

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@hckynutjohn My thoughts and prayers are with both you and your friend.  Please do not be hard on yourself for not insisting he get a colonoscopy.  My husband has not had one despite my continued encouragement.  People will do what they want to do. 

Take care, Linda

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 So sorry for this sad news. I have your friend,and you in my 

  May you both receive strength and healing.

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@Venezia wrote:

@hckynutjohn - It is a shock, when we get news like this.  You are a good friend to be keeping him in prayer.


If you don't mind sharing, what is his first name?  I'll add my prayers to those of the others here, both for him, his family and you.





Thank you. His name is Chuck.


hckynut 🇺🇸


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Sorry John, wish the best for your friend. I'm afraid we all will be touched by this horrible disease.  Wish there was a cure, so much.  That's why I pray the generation of children growing up now, will grow up smart.  And if just one of them, can find the cure, that's my greatest wish.  

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Sending thoughts and prayers.  God bless.

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Re: Thoughts for my friend

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@hckynutjohn ...I'm so sorry, John...You have been through so much and  your attitude and resilience are an inspiration...Sending positive thoughts and my best to your friend, Chuck, as he goes through this difficult time...He is very fortunate to have you as a close friend.


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It is hoped you have heard more concerning Chuck's condition.


It is challenging when a friend lives a distance away.


When a friendship is long and deep news such as this really hits hard. Memories of youth spent together and moments shared are shadows we may think about.

It may make us think of ourselves and just wonder about tomorrow.


John you are doing the best you can in this situation. Chuck is fortunate to have you as friend and one that is by side in spirit with love.



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John, my prayers will include your dear friend.  I know how devastating this is for you.  Prayers also for you .