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This Sounds so Wrong

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While there is nothing wrong with this sale/purchase the incongruity of the pairing struck me as really odd.


Playboy mansion sold to Twinkies owner

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LOL!Woman LOL 


Gives new meaning to the word TWINKIES...LOLWoman LOL

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Re: This Sounds so Wrong

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@Marp----It is 2 for 1, 1 and done.  The Playboy and his mansion, 1 price.

   I  guess he could live another 20/25 yrs, but I doubt.  Think of the fun the new owner will have with all the bunnies--------tedEbear



 edited to add---Maybe He shouldn't have recalled the Twinkies.

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They should demolish the place and make a leash-free pet park in its place

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 I wasn't aware the bunnies were kept leashed.