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Re: This Ought to be Interesting

@Kachina624 wrote:

@goldensrbest. Probable because they know there's more than they can handle.  Let the merchants be the bad guys.  Wonder if they're going to bite the hand that feeds them, namely Amazon?


They named the retailers.  No, their year round bread and butter comes from Amazon, QVC and the other shopping channels.  It's likely that they have contracts with Amazon and some of the others that prevent them from taking this action.


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Re: This Ought to be Interesting

My Macy’s Black Friday order came two days ago. Guess I was lucky. I am done gift shopping and planned it this way to avoid the shipping nightmare this season. 

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Re: This Ought to be Interesting

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My Dad was a UPS man in the  early days of UPS. They delivered in Ford cars  (I think)



I loved his hat and waited for him to come home everynite to wear it and to look in his brown shirt pocket for my treat of


Christmas time he came home very late ,even wayyyyyy back then (back in the early 1940's)


He was presented with a gold watch for safe driving.He later became a cashier in UPS.


I often wonder what he would be saying now knowing they are all over the world and have these huge planes and  trucks .I love to show my UPS guys pictures of those old  days of UPS.

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Re: This Ought to be Interesting

Thanks for heads up! I have multiple Christmas gifts in the shipping process at several retailers, and am online browsing for a few more. I think I will just send e-gift certificates to complete my shopping. Hopefully a list detailing the affected retailers, will be forthcoming.🤔



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