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Re: Thinking of cutting cable tv cord

@TRAVELER   YouTube TV has TCM, USA and MSNBC as well as local and some other channels.  Total about 50 or so.  The channels may depend on the area you live in.  NYC gets a lot of channels but give them a try, if you don't like it you can cancel.  $40 a month.

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Re: Thinking of cutting cable tv cord

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Okay, I hate this. Yes, I like the $40 fee but selection sucks. We never listen to those music choices but they are half my channels. The next tier which has the channels I miss is $80, so do I get that or pay $40 for YouTube or Hulu live. Currently we have amazon because we are prime members and have watched a few movies. But I miss conversation. Thanks

just wondered if we would have shows on eastern time. That is a 4 hour difference from here.