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Re: Thinking about becoming an online travel agent.....need advice, please!

@Sue98 I think you should go for it. You're not quitting your current job and you'll still be available for your mom. As for experience, I would be honest and forthright with your clients. You might not have the eexperience, but you will make sure they have a first class experience. I would try to earn the business of corporate clients from local companies. Sell them on YOU and your desire to work hard for them. I have a friend who is an online TA. He lives in a beach condo and works from his patio every day. He makes a good living and enjoys the travel perks. I also want to share my experience with an inexperienced travel agent. Booked a trip to Aruba and the TA went above and beyond for us. Since she was just starting out, she had the time and motivation to make sure our trip was the best ever and it was! Just remember--- nothing ventured, nothing gained Smiley Happy