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Re: Things To Leave Behind in 2023


@Nancy Drew wrote:

So long, farewell dee ta dee.

Does this mean you will no longer be posting here, @Nancy Drew?

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Re: Things To Leave Behind in 2023

@wagirl - You go girl! God bless you. You are an inspiration!
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Re: Things To Leave Behind in 2023

@Marp wrote:

@MyShadowLove,  wishing you a peaceful, healthy new year my friend.


The closest I can answer about how I'll be leaving people vexations behind is by remembering that silence is sometimes a more potent reply than words; very disarming to those that irritate and vexing to them but peace for me.  Anything else would be a case by case decision on how to keep my feathers unruffled.


LOL, if all else fails I'll clutch my pearls.  Heart


P.S.  Desiderata has long been a life line.



@Marp ...Yes, silence can be quite powerful at times...Interesting that Desiderata happens to be a favorite of yours also and I love how you refer to it as a "life line"....When I first read it several years ago, I was immediately drawn to its wise and insightful message which has since served as a valuable guide in my life and helps to bring about a sense of calmness and reflection whenever I read it.


And, oh yes, thank goodness for our pearls to clutch also...Desiderata in one hand and our pearls in another...Such is life...LOL


So great to share with you!...Sending my best wishes to you and  your family...both human and furry...for a Blessed and Healthy New Year! Heart



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Re: Things To Leave Behind in 2023

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Thanks for your update.  I enjoyed it.


Happy 2023

Pink  Heart




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Re: Things To Leave Behind in 2023

Dear Effie54


While totally respecting your opinions, 


Some of us Really  Like:



Ankle pants

Open front cardigans

ALL jogger bottom pants


and will continue to wear and enjoy these items of clothing.


Happy New Year and the best to you.


Thank You

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Re: Things To Leave Behind in 2023

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@wagirl wrote:

What an interesting question! Made me stop and think for a bit. I guess, for me, I will continue on figuring out my life as a single person---spent the last 2 years dealing with a divorce and then the  unrelenting pursuit of figuring out all that entails. Divorce was mind bending and stressful to say the least. Then getting everything I was due from the settlement,  the medicare and pension issues  were equally as difficult----BUT-----I did survive and am thriving and  not afraid to advocate for myself and dig deep to get- er doneWoman Winkgood riddence to 2022

Shoekitty said @wagirl ! With your amazing attitude you will survive and be better for it. It's hard. Always advocate for yourself, dealing with Medicare, SS and pension issues can be worse than a divorce. Here's to 2023, I am right behind you shaking this last year off like a pile of poo!  Loo

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Re: Things To Leave Behind in 2023

@shoekitty --Well said!!! Have to say----I went thru breast cancer in 2012 with the surgery , chemo and radiation, and meds----that was a piece of cake compared to my last couple years!!! Then as an extra added little kick in the caboose--I broke my ankle in Oct and been dealing with that too!!! WTHeckWoman Mad

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Re: Things To Leave Behind in 2023

@Nancy Drew wrote:

That is the new trend. What we are leaving behind in 2023.

So for me I have a few: Meghan and Harry I am not giving them any more attention. That goes for the women of the View and any comedians that can't do any other comedy beside one sided political. Shopping in general but especially QVC. Sadly I no longer find anything new or great deals. I do like their quality tho. Buying in bulk also. No longer makes sense storing all this. Any one else?

That hit a nerve with me. We belong to both Sam's and Costco and for a time BJs too.


Our house can not hold anymore stuff.

It hit me when I was cleaning out the spice cabinet. The spices filled their cabinet and also filled the cabinet with the food processor, blender and mixing bowls. I still had 10 large spice containers that didn't fit.

I can't buy the large spice containers anymore, There is no room. I have to go back to buying the little jars.


Then it hit me with my packed freezers. I shouldn't buy 5 pounds of panko shrimp or 60 spring rolls. It might be a good deal but I am tired of dealing with the freezers packed.

Time to scale back.