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The heavens tonight

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@godi Beautiful!  When the sun was coming up through the trees here this am it had the same stunning colors.  I didn't have my phone with me to capture it (was just letting the dog out) but did look up and say thank you for such a gorgeous sight. 



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@godi , That surely is a gorgeous sky!!!

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@godi The HEAVENS are truly captivating and appear to be captivating!  What a lovely sight to behold, thank you for sharing.

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Is the dot next to the moon Venus?

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The wonder of God.

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@godi    These would make beautiful scarves or a series of wall hangings.  Wow

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@Mindy D  Yes it's Venus. 

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My gosh!!! I would HAVE to get the middle photo in a frame for my wall--amazing as are all the photos you take!!!

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This made my eyes mist.


Every picture you take surpasses the previous. Beautiful and inspirational.


Thank you for reminding us that there is beauty all around us.