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Re: The company that owns JC Penney Makes Offer to Buy Kohl’s

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@Venezia wrote:

Just because someone doesn't particularly like a store/retailer, doesn't mean it sells "junk" and that's insulting to those who choose to shop there.

@Venezia  It depends on what town, state, county, etc. these Kohl's are.  I live in So. Jersey.  Severl Kohl's stores I can pick & choose from.  There is even a "Discount/Outlet Kohl's" store. faint.gifThe last time I was in there was pre-pandemic & I can tell you, that was a "junk store."

The other Kohl's stores are rather small & could use an interior face lift & enlargement.  Very cramped, very clean, small asles, item sections to close to one another.  Dim lighting in all.  I could be in the shoe department, sneeze & the next thing I know, I am in bedding.  that's how cramped I find the Kohl's in my county.  I have yet found a Kohl's in Camden Co that is uncramped.

That being said, I like Kohls because of the "discounts" PLUS the 15% "senior" unadverertise) discount ON TOP of the other discounts + sales you get every Wednesday.  Some Kohl's the "senior" discounts you get every day.


South Joisey folks.......

Discount/Outlet Kohl's is on Rt 70 in either Marlton or Cherry Hill.  Sorry, I get So Joisey bounderies/zones all mixed up since all are so close together.


Every Day "Senior" discounts - Kohl's on Rt 38 in Cherry Hill.  Across the street from Cherry Hill Mall.

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