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Wow, I wouldn't mind living there.

  • 510bhp engine giving the 20 tonne eleMMent palazzo a top speed of 93mph
  • Reduced fuel consumption of up to 20 per cent thanks to trendsetting aerodynamics, thus creating economic and ecologic harmony.
  • Despite its eco-friendly values (relatively speaking, taking into account the palazzo is a large vehicle), the eleMMent is truly sportive with its 510 bhp, unique carbon-fibre rear diffuser and double tube sport exhaust.
  • Higher safety rating than regular heavy vehicles due to the high compound strength of the glass fiber plastic cabin and the elevated seating position.
  • Pop-up bar with underfloor heating and party lighting
  • Master bedroom with 40in flatscreen television and en suite with rainfall shower
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint to improve night safety
  • All mod cons, including video surveillance, mobile internet and a working fireplace

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