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@Anonymous032819   Be safe!   

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So where is it that you actually live, @Anonymous032819 ?????????




We had some rain over the weekend, a monster wind storm here at the coast in SoCal a couple nights ago, and freezening (for us) weather yesterday. We're expecting more rain the next couple days. We surely need it.

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@Anonymous032819 ~ I’m sure you have battened down the hatches.  Prayers that you, family and everyone in the storm areas stay safe.  🙏🏻  💨 🌧

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We have a scanner also. We got it as we have wildfires and the extra seconds to evacuate are good.

The atmospheric river is over the San Luis area and slowly moving into our area.

We are nestled in.

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I am in the Sacrmento area.  We got slammed, too, with wind and rain, loss of electricity, internet, etc.  Slammed.  I was amazed we got our power back and internet this morning.  These guys/gals work their rears off.  Of course nowhere near the horrible weather other states get and I realize that.  We also really needed the rain and snow.  This is not a complaint or woe is me  but a kudos to these people who work so hard to get us back up and running.