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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

I haven’t been recently, but don’t think the prices are great at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  The joke about Whole Foods always was it should have been named “Whole Paycheck.”

Our grocery chains are Stop & Shop and Big Y close to where we live.  An Aldi’s opened several miles away,  bargains there,

but limited stock.


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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

Our Wal-Mart 18ct.eggs went from .58 to .85 cents.

Gallon milk is $1.85

So was our gas until start of holiday week.

Now $2.

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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

Where I live a gallon of great value milk is 3.19, if you get Hiland brand, it is 4.98. A dozen large eggs, great value also, is .98., Egglands best farm fresh brown eggs are 3.42 a dozen.




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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

Aldi:  eggs are .44 cents a dozen

         whole milk is $2.35 a gallon


Publix: eggs are $1.59 a dozen

            whole milk is $3.95 a gallon

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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

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I don’t think comparing “milk” or “eggs” is very accurate. 


There are cheaper eggs here (Florida) but the the ones I buy are from pastured hens. Preferably locally raised. I am willing to pay more for that. 

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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

2020 prices have increased . The weather is hurting our farmers who are struggling . There are many people who cannot afford to feed their families  . Pray and be grateful that you have the money to spend . 

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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

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@tiny 2 wrote:

@Kitlynn wrote:

This will sound like a made up story but it is not. Several months ago when we were really in the middle of the epidemic and people were hoarding the toilet paper and other staples I went to the grocery store. There was one carton of a dozen eggs sitting there and they were organic. The price was $9.00! Now I just stood there shaking my head thinking this has to be a mistake. I didn't need eggs but wouldn't have paid that for them regardless. The one thing I have noticed is how much cheese and cereal has gone up along with a lot of other things including the price of paper products.

@Kitlynn I had a similar experience with Clorox $9.00 for a medium bottle. Took it off my list.

Oh yes all the cleaning products have escalated in price and it is just crazy. I am with you and not about to pay $9.00 for a jug of Clorox that is normally very inexpensive.

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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

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it really depends on where i shop on a particular day. i am in the baltimore area and shop at about 4 - 5 grocery stores (chains and local independents) plus sams club.


last week i purchased JUMBO eggs for $2.29 a dozen (at least half of them were double yolks.)


i purchased 3 half gallons of fairlife dha whole milk for $4.99 each. i also purchased a half gallon glass container of whole milk that was from a local dairy and paid $5.69.

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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs

I don't buy milk and only buy eggs for a recipe here and there.


The most I paid for a doz. lg. organic eggs was $2.29


Those of you in dairy states are lucky to pay so little for eggs!

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Re: The Price of Milk & Eggs


IMO, milk is unnecessary unless you have small children in the house.    Milk is for baby animals and baby humans until they can eat solid food.  Why is anyone drinking it in adulthood?    I also believe that we are the only mammal that drinks another mammal's milk ... and well beyond infancy.   


I guess the American Dairy Assn has very good marketing practices.