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He is so amazing!!! How he was able to get those cards in the hosts coat pocket....unbelievable!!! He may win the whole thing.

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Each performance outshines the former performance. He's amazing !

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Wow!  I liked him so much last season.  I'm not watching the Champions but am glad to see he's still on.  How many are left now, and when do they announce the winner?

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Shin Lim is my all time favorite.  I could watch him for hours.....

I have seen many magicians in Vegas...none compare to him.  

Hopefully he will win.   

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I just LOVE him!!!


So entertaining and he has such mastery and charm.



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I was thinking the same thing when I saw him last night. I could watch him all day!

When I first saw him I thought he was incredible and each time he just is magical.Woman LOL

His hand movements are mesmerizing.

I remember they showed a clip of him saying he had studied to be a pianist but then was 

diagnosed with carpal tunnel which can be really painful, so decided to go into magic.

He is self-taught and said he watched youtube videos to learn and has shared some on youtube!

I'll have to watch thoseSmiley Happy

I think he could win the whole thing too!

I do love Sal, and had hoped he'd go into the finals, but I don't think his mac the knife song was the best choice to showcase his talent, 

even though it was good.

And anyone against Shin LIm is going to have a difficult time beating him.

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WOW! And I feel good if I can just shuffle without spilling cards.

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Re: The Magic of Shin Lim

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He is far better than any I ever saw in Vegas and The Magic Castle in California.  We will never know how he does it but he is amazingly talented.  I would definitely pay for a ticket to see him in person.

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He is beyond amazing. For some strange reason, he reminds me of Doug Henning, who has always been my favorite magician.


There is real artistry in the way he  moves his hands