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I was never much impressed by her stuff---or with her either--but she has made a boatload of cash and good for her for that--but no way would I buy that beanbag thing she sells or really anything else---

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Lori's wears a wig ... really?

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Change the channel as fast as I can. 

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@January121 wrote:

Her shows are sooooo boring 🙃

Is she even more desparate trying not to be boring?

Last week she 'used' a very young female child to demo 'her'Wet Brush:; on the same segment she showed, on an outsdie feed, her sitting in a red Lamo car $$$$$$ for her Sunglass demo.

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Just love her color-block spandex dresses! :::eyeroll:::

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Not a fan. I have ordered a few things over the years and sent them back due to quality issues. Done with return fees. That exercise board looks dangerous! 

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I agree with all the comments here, you can find her stuff in the Dollar Tree a whole lot cheaper, IMO, nothing but Junk!

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Same stuff over and over for last few years.......But wait!!! now she's going to have her own magazine.....probably with the same stuff Woman LOL  BTW save your breath.... I do change the channel, and many times I avoid it entirely by checking the Program Guide!


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