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Sometimes it's just a friendly gesture, like a symbolic smile and nod of acknowledgement. 


You may give a heart to a well written post that causes you to consider the view expressed, even though you completely disagree with the conclusion. Heart


It might be encouragement for a newbie, a 'Thank you!', or the 'tip' you leave behind after reading something funny.


Agree with so many reasons already given here.  Sort of and "easy button".

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Use of hearts can be a positive, worthwhile option. I recently misspoke and referred to them as likes and was quickly "corrected" that this was for Facebook. Another poster helped me with my problem - she was able to see through the error and help. I found it a bit depressing that the poster who chided me for my error received more hearts than poster who came to my help. Kind of depressing but pays to see what others value.
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Re: The Language of Hearts

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Hearts are nice-I like to give some as a hug, some for an agreement, some for a newbie just to let them feel welcomed, some even if I disagree if the POV is presented in a mature manner, and sometmes it's nice to acknowledge something even if I am not going to respond.


I do like the "mention" feature so that I don't intentionally ignore somebody who responded to me.  It's ok if my "mentions" do not get acknowledged but I truly don't like to ignore somebody who took the time to respond to me.


I know all of this has been already stated but I'm just giving my own version if that's ok.Woman Frustrated



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There is no definitive definition for why a heart is given for a post. It does have many meanings and each one a meaning to the one who is giving it.

Maybe it would be better to have a choice between giving a heart, a thumbs up or a thumbs down for a post and that would define the reference for the post better.

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Re: The Language of Hearts

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@Moonchilde wrote:

@StraytoStay wrote:

I wasn't aware some, or one, didn't want hearts but there's a way they can not see them or turn it off. I saw it once setting up my account,but couldn't tell you how to find it, it's been a while. 



@StraytoStay, in Settings & Preferences there's a section titled "Hearts", where you can set it so you don't see them.

Thanks @Moonchilde I like hearts so wouldn't set it up, but those that don't shouldn't expect everyone to read their posts about not wanting them and having to remember who not to give a heart to, when they can take two minutes to follow the directions you typed. I can't read every post in the boards myself to know who to not heart. I can see not wanting hugs, but hearts? I like them. Smiley Happy