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I readily admit that I'm of a generation that learned the meaningfulness of thank you.
I don't give or help to get a card but more and more I'm asked to help, or give and I do. Less and less is there acknowledgement. Not a peep.
It no longer seems that people find it respectful upon receiving so say, yes, I got it, thank you or hey, I appreciate the work.
Sign of the times I'm concluding.
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If someone did not acknowledge a gift or help with a thank you, that would be the last gift or help from me they would get.



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It happens all the time, for gifts large or small.


I have even asked if my gift was meaningless or an insult.


No response.


I think it has something to do with too much screen interaction and not enough in-person socialization. But who knows?

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Re: The Lack Of Thank You

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If you are speaking of relatives, it comes from within the families. Ask the parents why they are not teaching their children to write the notes.


If you are speaking of financial donations to church, charities, local causes, medical interests, etc., there is no legitimate reason for not receiving a written/typed thank you note mail to you. Call and ask! If you have to do that, I wouldn't bother to continue with financial donations in the future. Smiley Tongue


If you are speaking of memorial donations, give the grieving families the benefit of the doubt . . . and time. If they have not sent a thank you within a reasonable amount of time and you need it for IRS purposes, perhaps a call to verify they received the donation if you left or sent cash. I always leave (or send) a check so I'm able to have my bank provide me with a copy for the IRS.
If you know the family well enough to attend and send a memorial, you probably know if they will send a thank you note.


Weddings. How well do you know the couple? How well do you know the parents?
Both questions answer whether or not I attend and how much I spend or send to the couple! I refuse to become a gift-giver just because the family knows me. 
I attend and give/send gifts/money because I want to. Not because an invitation was sent.
Only once have I not received a thank you note. From my own sister's daughter whom I barely knew and did not attend the wedding, but felt obligated to send money since it was out-of-state.
I later asked my sister if it was received. Of course it was! My sister wrote the thank you note. SMH.

Money screams; wealth whispers.
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Re: The Lack Of Thank You

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Reminds me of the following cute story:

Two grandmas are talking, one says: My grandkids never say thank you and I never see them after I send a gift- 

 The other one say, really? That never happens to me..

 The 1st says really? 
The 2nd says, yup.. I send the check, but don't sign it!  I see them immediately! 

A great idea, right? 
But I seriously agree, parents rarely teach good manners these days- And people often have none...

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I think we are sending gifts to people who do not need them or appreciate them.  Give the money to someone who does.


I am very against donations in someone's name, unless requested, but doing so might prompt a teen to ask what is this and you could explain--next birthday!  

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It's the sign of ingrates with no common courtesy. I feel strongly about this and agree with @kaydee50. If they don't have time to show some form of appreciation no matter how small, then I don't have the time to give.

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Unfortunately we never got thankyou's from two of our we quit gifting for birthdays....I don't like it but a thank you is important in my opinion.

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You all have been very helpful. It seems ( to me that no one really matters except for their iPhones and Amazon. I don't like to operate in being offended but I'm going to start practicing no.
I recently sent my one daughter flowers for the birth of my granddaughter. I live 100 miles away, thought that would be pretty for her. Not a word. No call no text nothing.
My second daughter getting married. She's asked for a lot of help and I have, I made her bouquet. I had it delivered so she can see it. Not a word either. Today, I asked and she barked back that she's been busy. I didn't inquire for approval, it was for her opinion SMH.