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Glad to know it hasn't been discontinued. I have looked for the last couple of years in our local stores and it hasn't been on the shelves. 


I personally find it as appetizing as eating gravel, but husband loves the stuff. Hope it comes back to our area soon. He misses it.

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Re: The Grape Nuts shortage

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I guess I'm out of touch with other  typical  food choices and eating styles, not to mention meal schedules.


Therefore,  I find claims that Grape Nuts make people fat or are too high in sodium to be rather ridiculous. 


If a doctor says that  a patient's weight gain is caused by "eating a bowl of cereal" before bedtime, that does make perfect  sense to me. 


The culprit isn't the particular cereal.  Maybe it's the habit of eating what some people would consider a full breakfast before going to sleep at night.


What is that?  The fourth meal of the day?


Have needed to watch weight all my life, and I can gain even a pound at the drop of a hat.  Grape Nuts or any other cereal before bedtime, after already having had dinner, would make my next visit to the scale rather depressing.


Maybe I'm just trained to limit meals, not the type of meals or what foods I eat.  Works for me.   Everyone has to find his or her own way through the nutrition and weight challenge, I guess. Too bad that some foods get eliminated from the diet along the way.

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Just thought I'd give a suggestion!  Good luck on finding the Grape Nuts!

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Now that it was mentioned here I am finding it hard to find in my stores too.  I found one box in another Publix from the one I normally shop at last week.  That should keep me going for a couple more weeks.


I did find an article about it online.  In case it gets poofed but shouldn't, I didn't see any ads, the gist is production problems.  They have a proprietary production process so they won't explain further.  Plus, the fact the pandemic has upped the sales of cereals.