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The Good Old Days......That Weren't

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In posting about my friend's experience with a non-wheelchair accessible vaccine site, I remembered a job I once had.


When I was a college student in Boston in the mid 1960s, my work/study job was weekend admitting office clerk at Beth Israel Hospital. The on-duty clerk was also the obstetrics runner.


Obstetrics runner??? Back then, at Beth Israel women in labor did not enter the hospital though the emergency room. They had to go to a side basement door and push the doorbell. Perhaps you're envisioning a bright shiny clean basement. No, it was dark, dusty and filled with equipment that was no longer used.


When the obstetrics button was pushed, a gong sounded over my desk and in the elevators to alert the operators to go to the main floor and wait for the runner. We then descended to the basement where I decided if I should use a wheelchair or gurney to bring the woman to the 8th floor OB unit.


Did I ever deliver a baby in the elevator? No, but close.


Anyone else have a job or responsibility that in 2021 seems almost unbelievable?    

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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

Good old days? This was back in 1963 ish. A woman who was an epileptic was fired because she had it. People were afraid to say if they had it. What a mess.

No family medical leave.

Child support? Big joke

And I could go on and on.

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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

@PickyPicky2   I had a job in the 80's where we needed to pick up equipment at one location and bring it over to another location, it was about a 1/2 block between buildings on one piece of land (off the main road on a dirt road).  The manager told me to get a shopping cart from a store and use it.  I told him that I wasn't going to steal a shopping cart and he needed to buy something to use......he bought our group a red wagon like little kids would use.


I wonder where he is now and what job he is doing......

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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

When I was an undergraduate, I was TOLD that since I was a Chemistry major I would HAVE to get a teaching certificate too, because you know........

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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

My job in the 70s was to "man" an information building just off the NYS Thruway.  It was a tiny hut-like building filled with brochures and pamphlets describing all of the many interesting and exciting places to visit in the area.  People would stop in with questions about mileage, entrance costs, hours of business, etc.   


Now, of course, travelers would use the internet for all that information ..............We had a good time and met lots of very nice people : )

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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

When I was finishing up my BA in business in the 1980's, a very wise professor told me NEVER to tell an employer/prospective employer that I could type. That wasn't really a problem because I couldn't. But her point was that if a woman could type, she would end up in a clerical support position, regardless of her qualifications and education. That was some of the best advice that I ever received, and sadly, I witnessed first hand with other women that it was true. 

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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

You mean the years when the standing joke among the young faculty women was who to tell First you were pregnant-  DH or the school principal?



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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

Some things were better back then, but, this thread is about things that are better now, so, I'll stay on track.


Remember if you had a flat tire you were SOL ? driving around trying to find a phone booth, etc.    Wonder if your library had a certain book you had to wait till you walked in or call and be put on hold till you went grey. LOL


I still got landline. Cellphone , that I just have to pay 100 for once a yr just for emergencies.


Restaurants now days want you to pay on this little gadget on your table, place your order, pay the bill by using a stupid card. We get up and walk out. LOL

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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

In 1964 after I had been out of high school for a year I was job hunting.  


Went for an interview and the man noticed I had an engagement ring on.  He said he did not hire engaged or married young women because we would get pregnant and quit.  (I did not marry that particular guy.)

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Re: The Good Old Days......That Weren't

When I was a new RN in the early 1980's, we were expected to make rounds with the physician. Literally, it meant following them (mostly male physicians) from patient room to patient room with the charts and opening them up for them. 


As we made rounds, there was one physician, in particular, who would instruct patients to "turn and cough on the nurse!!!"


Also, if we were sitting to chart at the Nurses' Station and a physician arrived, we were expected to stand up and give him our seat! 


Thankfully, those days are long gone!!!