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The Girl From Ipanema

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Astrud Gilberto, whose smooth, buttery vocals helped propel Stan Getz's version of the bossa nova hit to the top of the charts, has passed at 83.


She was 24 and a first time recording artist when this well known version reached Number 1 on Billboard's Easy Listening Chart and peaked at 5 on the Hot 100 in 1964.


Astrud was born in Brazil,  but not Ipanema. 




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enchanting recording that one never forgets

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Beautiful voice and wondeful song.  At that time, 24 was very much an adult.  At least where I come from.  

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One of my father's favorite songs.

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Just watched and listened to it on you tube.  💕

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Re: The Girl From Ipanema

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That performance in the picture came out in the movie "Get Yourself a College Girl" with Mary Ann Mobley in 1964.

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@Exec Mr Wilkes 


So sorry to hear this.  I have several of her CDs in rotation with my other jazz music.  


I never get tired of hearing her voice.


She is singing in heaven now Heart

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She sang the song "A certain smile, A certain sadness" on the Walter Wanderley album

called Rainforest. He was also from Brazil and that album is fun to play in the summer.

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It's so sad that Astrud was never accepted by the people of Brazil as a legitimate musician. Her husband Joao was beloved, and their divorce and her move to the USA meant she rejected her country at a time it was suffering. The Brazilian press vilified her and the people agreed.


She was always OK by me. RIP.



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Only Astrud could sing The Girl From Ipanema with such feeling.  Her legacy will live on in her music and talent.  May she be at peace with God.