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The Closer Last Season Next season 2011

There are going to be 15 episodes and gone. Kyra S. herself pulled the plug. Too bad, great show. They don't show all the Blood and guts and everyone gets along, good team and funny.

She was on the View recently to promote the five shows left this season and did not say a word.

All the good shows IMO are going and we are left with stupid reality shows. All except for the AR that is. Final episode this sunday.

Jillian is also leaving the Biggest Loser. The AR is only reality show I watch.

Does anyone know when Mike and Molly are on? I caught it once and it was funny. It is from the writers or producers of 2 1/2 men. I heard it was cancelled, and then someone on the Viewpoints say they brought it back, but I can't find it. Not even on Demand on Comcast.