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Re: The Christmas Lights Glow No More

My tree has white lights and a woodland theme, so I'm keeping it up a little while longer. I have it set on a timer, and I love coming home and seeing it glowing. It gets dark between 4-4:30 here, so the tree helps make the house cozy. I'll probably take it down end January. My tree is a 6 ft tree. I don't consider it hard to put up.or take down. In fact, I rather enjoy both processes.
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Re: The Christmas Lights Glow No More

I still miss the glow from the corner of our den...but am happy I do not have the job ahead of me... putting it all is done.


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Re: The Christmas Lights Glow No More

Today is the Epiphany, and it is the day that we take down our trees. It is a let down. The Christmas season is so beautiful and exciting. I'll especially miss the Christmas music, but I did find an online station where you can listen to Christmas music 24/7/365. {#emotions_dlg.laugh} I find it so peaceful and uplifting...never get tired of it.

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