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That Double Rainbow - Something Magical

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[The appearance of that double rainbow seemed to be a statement from another realm.  I cannot stop thinking about it and what it signifies to me.]




A Double Rainbow Appeared Over Buckingham Palace Shortly Before the Queen’s Death Was Announced


                                             Coincidence? We think not.



By Rachel Burchfield
Marie Claire
Published 4 Hours Ago

The most beautiful occurrence happened over Buckingham Palace this afternoon—just one hour before the Queen’s death was announced, a double rainbow broke through the clouds and appeared in the skies over Buckingham Palace in London, Her Majesty’s residence for most of her historic 70-year reign.


At the time, crowds had already gathered at the Palace after officials announced just after 12 p.m. London time that the Queen was “under medical supervision,” per The Mirror.


After a heavy downpour, the double rainbow appeared, “giving comfort to those in the crowd who were eagerly awaiting an update,” the outlet reports.


At 6:30 p.m. London time, the Palace announced that Her Majesty “died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.”


The rainbow could be seen not just over the Palace but over major landmarks across London, including the Elizabeth Tower in Westminster and the Queen Victoria Memorial.


About 90 minutes before the announcement, a woman laid the first bouquet at the Palace just after 5 p.m. The crowd assembled outside of the Palace has grown to around 1,000 people, The Mirror reports. 


King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla are due to the Palace tomorrow. They remain at Balmoral for the rest of the evening.


The rainbow, at least to this writer, serves as proof that, even in a dark hour, something altogether magical can appear.

"We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn
Queen Elizabeth was alluding to this song in her moving COVID speech.  This English song, released in 1939, evoked the pluck, hopefulness and courage that was shown by the British during World War II.  
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Re: That Rainbow - Something Magical

I can't stop thinking about it either.  I can't help but wonder if Her Majesty sent it as a sign that she is at peace and happily reunited with the love of her life.  No one will ever convince me that it was just a sheer coincidence.

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Re: That Double Rainbow - Something Magical

There was a rainbow over Windsor Castle as well. Amazing.

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Re: That Double Rainbow - Something Magical

I believe in grace and hope and that more things than we know happen for a reason.

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Re: That Double Rainbow - Something Magical

It made for beautiful pictures and lovely sentiment but 🌈  aren't particularly rare.  It was going to be there whether the Queen died that day or not.  

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Re: That Double Rainbow - Something Magical



Absolutely:  If we could only look around carefully, we would see little gifts given us.  I learned this early on and am thankful for the gifts of grace, hope and peace.


I have gotten very good at saying Thank You.  Coincidences, maybe.  However, things do happen: you can choose to ignore them and dismiss them, or take some meaning from them.


One of many examples for me occurred after a beloved aunt passed on.  It was my first birthday after her passing and I was in deep early morning call with her singing the Birthday Song !  As I looked out the French doors in the great room, there was one huge bloom at the bottom of the rhododendron.  Here in the Northeast, they don't bloom in late November......


I smiled finally and said Thank You through my tears.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
Sir Winston Churchill
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Re: That Double Rainbow - Something Magical

Magical? Spiritual? Scientific? Coincidence? Explicitly Heaven Sent?


Makes NO DIFFERENCE to me, and however its origin or purpose, a fitting honor for a Woman of Substance, whom I will miss.

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Re: That Double Rainbow - Something Magical

Perhaps their PR firm ordered it from the almighty? Just kidding! This is the type of things that PR people and reporters \photograpers dream of! It is absolutely beautiful!!!! The photos will be in books and on websites forever. 

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Re: That Double Rainbow - Something Magical

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@jlkz   Your post really hit home for me.  In 2015 my mom passed.  After the funeral and the post-funeral gathering with friends and extended family, my brother, 6 sisters and I were sitting on the deck back at the family home.


Mom was very close with a great-aunt of ours and about 45 years before, that aunt dug up and brought over some day lilies that had been in her yard and that mom loved as a young girl.  The lilies bloomed for years and years in the back right hand corner of our yard and mom could see them from the kitchen door.



As of 2015, we had not seen any for a few years and figured they were either overcrowded or the many trees around were taking all the nutrients. 


As we were talking one of my sisters pointed and said "Look!".  In the back right hand corner of the yard  but on the OTHER SIDE of the fence was a single fully blossomed day lily looking back at us.


We all smiled and said "love you, mom.".  There may be a clinical and scientific explanation for this as well as rainbows,  but for 8 heartbroken adult children it will 

always be proof that there are no barriers a mother won't try to cross to comfort her children.


So if someone sees a rainbow in the sky, finds a penny on the sidewalk, is visited by a cardinal or a butterfly and feels connected in that moment to someone they have loved and lost----please don't be the one to put a pin in their balloon.  It is so much easier and infinitely more kind to just take pleasure in their moment of joy and solace.



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Re: That Double Rainbow - Something Magical

Someitmes a rainbow is just a rainbow.