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Re: Thank You, QVC, For Making Me Shop Elsewhere

I visit Skechers stores including outlet stores because fit is an issue with me. I have a narrow heel and a wider B/C forefoot so some Skecher shoes like their Bobs line don't fit me at all as they slide off my heel. Of the various Go Walk shoes only the Go Walk 4 fits as those have a narrower heel than the other versions. I also have a nice pair of Go Step walking shoes but had to replace the thin wafer insole with one that had more support and structure.


Having said that there are shoes and sandals at the outlet stores made for those stores and I have a very nice pair of D'Lite sandals that are supportive and comfortable. I have a second pair in the box for when the first pair wears out, that's how much I love these sandals. I had to size down to a 7 in them as 8 was too big and wide. I have noticed that their flip flop sandals with arch support were redesigned so that the footbed is not as smooth as the older design and that nubby feeling on the rubber footbed bothers me so I didn't buy new flip flops from Skechers. Those older flip flops and their cross band sandals with the same footbed I also had to size down to a 7.


As to shoe models, one hint is to take a photo of shoes you are interested in including the style/model number tag and take a photo of the box if it's available and use google and google images to find out who carries those shoes and how much they are no matter what brand or style the shoes are.

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Re: Thank You, QVC, For Making Me Shop Elsewhere

We have the right to spend where we want love QVC but they need to get it together with fast shipping I do love their products like how they explain but the big A on llne is huge they can't complete