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Th cost of shipping USPS

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I bought a maxi dress online from Walmart and had to return it because the sleeves were way to tight and not as pictured.


It had to be returned to California, and weighted 0 lbs & 13.10 oz's.  The dress (I wanted to wear around the house) was less than $16.00 with tax and no shipping.  MY SHIPPING COST $8.45.

I dont remember if I get reimbursed for shipping or not.  I tried going back on the Walmart site to leave a review and to check on the return shipping but they have taken the item off  I get a screen that says "the page you want is no longer available."


The whole moral of this tale is the shipping cost, no wonder the Q does not give free shipping.


edited to add.....this was not a Walmart item the company I returned it to was Bin Wang.

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Re: Th cost of shipping USPS

No matter who is paying for it, transporting goods from one place to another costs someone, somewhere, something.

I think that's old news.

It's a shame that dress you liked didn't fit though. 😞

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Re: Th cost of shipping USPS

I always consider the cost of shipping when I purchase something online.  If its too high I just won't purchase.  I try to use in store pick up whenever possible or combine purchases in order to get free shipping.


Honestly if it were me the 8.45 would have completely deterred me from purchasing the $16.00 item considering it is half the price of the item.