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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

@hckynut The info you have is in error.


@millieshops The head of Harvard Global Health says it can be done--at least in time for 2nd semester.  Remember, the USA can do anything if we put our mind to it.  Protecting children should be job 1.

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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

I can't post this link but a Dr. Jeffrey Goldhagen who is Chief of Community and Societal Pediatrics at Univ of FL Health said the following:


“No, the risk is not incredibly low" (for children contracting covid-19), Goldhagen said.  He said "While it is true that someone under age 18 does have a decreased chance of contracting COVID-19, school children will indeed be at risk of contracting the virus in school.  But increased exposure to other children and staff needs to be considered."


“In the school system or wherever, a child is one third less at risk as an adult, but has three times the number of contacts. Then their capacity to spread the disease is the same as adults,” Goldhagen said.


Goldhagen said "Children are less likely to become symptomatic. Therefore they may bring the virus home to family or others who are more susceptible."


“We have to move away from this perspective that children are not at risk of getting infected with the disease ... that they’re not at risk for spreading the disease,” he said. “Those assumptions are wrong.”


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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

@MaizeandBlue I hope the doctor is right because I do believe school is the best places for millions of students who miss out overall with virtual education.even when WiFi and equipment is provided.





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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

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My empathy goes to the parents that are having to deal with this. The anxiety of this stress - a gamble with their kids lives, are unimaginable. Would not trade places. 

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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

I think the whole scenario of sending kids back to school , especially elementary school, is very unrealistic, but there is so much pressure to "carry on" despite everything. Some states and districts are having to make decisions and do things they don't want to do. There are no perfect, foolproof answers for anything. Just from experience, I know little kids will not wear masks all day...they will probably trade masks if they like someone  else's better....not eat lunch away from peers, stay in their social distance space, or not hug their friends or teachers. There will need to be two adults in every to teach, one to be the sanitation police. Not many districts have the funds for that.

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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

"“Days before school even started, they knew that many of the football players were sick,” said a person familiar with the issues at the high school. “They knew from before day one that it wasn't going to work.”


Some students at North Paulding say they were forced to attend school in person because all of the slots for the district's virtual learning option were filled. A narrow sign-up window for virtual classes meant many parents missed their opportunity to enroll their children online.


James, a North Paulding senior, said he came to school Tuesday because his mother was unable to enroll him in virtual learning. He wore a mask, but many of his classmates did not. And while some classes practiced distancing, in one, a teacher had pushed together students’ desks to allow for group work. His name has been changed in the story because of concerns about retribution from the school.


“It’s the hallway situation that has me most paranoid,” he said. “There’s a lot of people in the hallways, and you can’t do nothing about it, so it’s scary.”"

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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

That would be a big no for me.  We have people waiting in line for hours attempting to get tested and then waiting a week or more for results.  Who is going to pay for this constant testing?  Who is going to be able to process all these tests every single day?


Who wants to have a swab put up their nose every single day.  Eventually, that alone is going to introduce something into the nose that causes an infection.    

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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

@Mz iMac wrote:

@MaizeandBlue wrote:

 I know we don't have the rapid test kits yet, but we could establish this as a goal.



That is not true.  Professional athletes get results 15 minutes after testing.  Probably those in the WH too. 

Exactly.  Athletes are tested constantly.  Amazing they can all get tested so many times but the average Joe cannot get tested at all and then waits forever for results.  

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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?

@CrazyDaisy  I'm 73 and I like the way you think.


I have IGG.  Supposedly, I don't have a very good immune system and need to get infusions.


I can't remember the last time I even got a freaking cold.  I very rarely get sick.


But when I do get sick it's hard for my body to fight it.  I have to take very strong antibiotics.


I have always used hand sanitizer after opening doors or touching something (even before the virus)..


I don't know if that's why I seldom get sick but I guess it helps.


I've always been a firm believer that it's the quality of life and not the quantity of life that's important.


Struggling with my broken back is my priority right now.

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Re: Test Every Student Every Day?



My understanding is that youngish children below 10 or 12 are adept at carrying the COVID19 virus, without showing symptoms (still they test positive.)  They are not IMMUNE, they do have and carry the disease.


Because they do not show symptoms, they are up and about with life as usual for someone their age, which gives them lots of opportunity to spread the virus unintentionally.


Best to you and yours.



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