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Re: Teachers you had growing up

My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Rothman.  My Mom worked part time at the school and when she told me Mrs. Rothman was retiring, I went to see her and wish her the best.  Still was still as nice and caring as I remember.


My fourth grade teacher, for math, taught chess all year long.  Just about the entire class went to summer school.


Mrs. Chin, first grade teacher, was very strict and mean.  She'd pull you by your ear.

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Re: Teachers you had growing up

Our high school Business Law teacher.  


We had to memorize the law principles and be ready to recite the appropriate one when called upon.


When she passed away several years ago - the comments on our alumni FB page almost all recalled the same thing ... reciting law principles.


(funny thing .... it's been ?? years and I can still recite several!

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Re: Teachers you had growing up

Too many to list.  I was an excellent student and I loved school.  At all levels there were teachers who understood me, encouraged me, supported me.  I particularly remember Miss Daley from elementary school.  She lived in small house across from the school with her sister. The house looked like a gingerbread house.  Some kids, me included, would visit her at home to talk, borrow books, play with her cat, do puzzles.  Even when we moved on to middle school, we'd stop by just to say Hi to Miss Daley.  


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Re: Teachers you had growing up

Seventh great teacher.  My mother forgot day light savings time and sent us off to Sunday school an hour early.  The teacher lived next to our Church and saw me and my brother outside and took us into her house.  


My high school gym teacher broke her nose on the frame of the trampoline executing a flip.


Junior math teacher.  Boyfriend came to pick me up after school and while we were still in class, he honked his horn and our teacher said in class, "She'll be right out.  Everyone laughed.


Our first and 4th grade teachers were sisters, not married and lived together a couple blocks from me.


Our biology teacher -  We called her "Bugsy"


Our football coach and history teacher.  He was browbeating a girl in our class who didn't know something and made her cry.  It made me so mad, I stood up and told him off.  He got out the paddle and I ran from the room.  He chased me down the hall and thru the gym.  I left and went home.


I can remember something about all of my teachers, but this post is long enough.  I am going down memory lane in my mind tho remembering them.

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Re: Teachers you had growing up

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I remember an uncaring teacher in Elementary School, Mrs. Pickleseimer, we had moved and I changed Elementary Schools, the new school had already taught cursive writing, my old school wasnt going to teach it until after the Easter Break.  So when I started her class she tossed a book at me and said, "here learn how to do cursive".....🙄  I learned cursive all by myself but always got a "B" and never an "A" and I always blamed that teacher for not working with me after class to teach me correctly! 


In High School we had a Science Teacher, Mr. Birkner, who looked EXACTLY like Andy Griffith....One notable time in his class he brought a live tarantuala in a shoe box and had us pass it around....😯😖😫🕷


Had a real good looking Algebra I teacher, dont remember his name, but he always wore a bowtie...



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Re: Teachers you had growing up

@yellowrose wrote:

3rd grade Mrs. Caskey.  She looked just like Snow White and just as sweet.


1st grade, old Mrs. Stewart. Such a mean,scary lady. If we misbehaved she would

put us in a dark closet - that is until my mother had a "chat" with her. I didn't do well in

her class.


College Freshman Algebra Mr. Richards. Oh My Gosh, he was sooooo

handsome!!!  I made an "A" in that class, my first time ever to get an

"A" in math.


Junior High Band Mr Klingsborn, all the girls had a crush on him.

Our hearts were crushed when we learned he was not only married,

but his wife was pregnant.  So silly Woman LOL





My sister had first grade teacher like yours her name was Mrs. Lloyd, she also put kids in a dark closet and also taped their mouth's shut with duct tape......Thankfully, she liked my sister though, and even gave my siser the starring role in the 3 Bears school play.....


And I also wrote about my good looking Algebra teacher.(maybe it was a Texas requirement for Math teachers......LOL!!!! ) I got my best grade ever in math ---I guess I paid extra attention 😉

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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Re: Teachers you had growing up

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Yep. 12th Grade, Mrs. Murray. Edith Bunker lookalike, sound alike. She taught stenography, 1st period.


All girls not college bound were encouraged to take Office Automation which was already dying, our HS had computers.


I skipped most days. One day I managed to attend class she shrieked " you'll never get anywhere in this life if you don't learn to take dictation from a MAN" !


So glad I never listened!😁



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Re: Teachers you had growing up

I remember being in 2nd grade. (1964) The school year was well underway.  One day, the 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. D  burst in the door with a 3rd grade boy by the arm and she and Mrs. J, my 2nd grade teacher just slammed him onto a chair by the side counter where the encyclopedia books were stored.


They said you're going back to 2nd grade!!   Our desks, the old wooden kind,  were all in rows, and no extra desks. So the kid, his name was Paul, not only got held back and humiliated, he had no desk for weeks because there were no spare desks anywhere in the building!


our 5th grade teacher was a man, Mr.B. The summer before, my mother's friend said he was corrupting our morals.  When  actually was attending his class it was obvious.  Mr. B would describe how drug addicts die and their bodies turned gray from their feet up and when their neck was gray they died. He described his back injury when a car he was working on fell of the jack. He had us play mean games where kids ended up looking stupid. He would holler and yell at us and if the boys didn't tuck in their shirts he sewed lace on the boys' undershirts. 


My 6th grade teacher was a bit better, no gory tales but he threw erasers at us.




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Re: Teachers you had growing up



My best memory of any teacher I had, was a negative. Sophomore English class. Teacher calls on me, in her class you stand up to answer. All my grades in her class were a 1(or A, depending on ones grading system), was an easy answer for me. What she said as I was about to sit down is my memory.


I was 14 and fat at that time. Her comment?

"John, you would be a very nice looking kid(boy) if you weren't so fat"!


Told this story on these forum many times in my 20+ years here. Forget? Still like it was a few days ago, and that was in 1954.


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Re: Teachers you had growing up

I had a history teacher in high school that was arrested for drugs.  He taught the Government class.  


Also had a music teacher in HS band all 4 years, that was a wonderful teacher, very disciplined, but fair.  I remember him directing the band, and as he turned the pages following the song, the male drummers had put a Playboy magazine inside his book, and the look on his face was priceless.  I distinctly remembering him telling us that if any of us were caught smoking, we were kicked out of the band.  Those were some great years. 

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