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Re: Teacher Discharges Gun In Classroom, Student Hurt



It seems this incident wasn't the first time Dennis Alexander brought his gun to class.  On another occasion, he passed it around.  All students were allowed to handle it and take photos with it. Some of the photos were posted on social media.  





If this is true, this guy was more than an idiot, and those that kept him employed, in my opinion, can't skate scott free from a little of the blame.  He should have been gone after the 1st incident. Gun safety should not be taught in or at a school, that is best left to places that the children's parents, sign them up for classes and also go with them.


Passing any gun around a classroom is stupid and should never be done. I am assuming the school was aware of this, no? If not, shame on them. A "Conceal Carry " means exactly that, concealed!


This whole story is disturbing to myself and all law abiding gun owners who practice what they should all know. Did the parents of the kids in this class give their permission for their child to attend? If not, the school is lacking in leadership.





@hckynutThe teacher is also a reserved police officer in small town up there in Central California.  The school was not aware that he had his firearm on campus which is a violation of district policy.  The school has placed him on administrative leave as has the police department he is assigned to,

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Re: Teacher Discharges Gun In Classroom, Student Hurt




Thank you for this information. I am glad to hear that action was taken against this man. Whatever his position with law enforcement and this school, in my opinion,  they should be terminated.







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Re: Teacher Discharges Gun In Classroom, Student Hurt

@RainyDayGirlthe courts agreed with the school. Some guy brought his gun to some sort of school event. He wouldn't leave ,nor surrender his gun.