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I say NAY, even tho I have 3 (not visible)....I regret them all. I waited until I was turned 50, got 3 by a not so good artist. They are now all blurred. I think a little tat here & there is ok, but I see beautiful women with the full sleeve tats. This is such a distraction (imo). I wish I had never gotten any, & would discourage anyone from getting the tats that look like a world map (not literally). 

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My opinion of tattoos is this.


I don't mind one tattoo on someone's arm or leg, 

Any man/woman who gets multiple tattoos over much of their body looks cheap and trashy.

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I do not like them, but I know a coupe of women that have tattoos.  As a child I was taught we were not to do those things to our bodies..tats, piercing, etc.

At our church the preacher, youth preacher and wife are heavily inked up.....


I am can do what you's your body but I will never have a tattoo.

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Nay because I cringe at the thought of what I might have liked at a much younger age.  Also skin does not stay the same.  It expands with weight and gets wrinkly as we age.  That tattoo is not going to look the same.  

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I began getting tattoos at age 62!! Lol! I have 5 now and always thinking about the next one I may add. Woman Happy

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I was at a wedding this Saturday where most of the younger woman were wearing sleeveless and/or low-cut dresses.


It was amazing to see how many had HUGE tatoos!  And, multiple tatoos on arms, legs, backs, chest....necks!


Of course, it's each person's choice, and apparently, lots of woman love them.


One very pretty woman had her upper arm covered in a gigantic skull.  It went from her shoulder, almost to her elbow and wrapped around her arm.


I laughed and told my husband, "I guess she asked for the BIG skull!



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A couple of my children have them - several for one and just one for the other.  The one who has several, some are very pretty, but there's one I don't agree with.  I wish they'd get a coverup remake on it but I have no control of that.  I have one on my ankle that I've practially forgotten about.  Sometimes I'd like to get another one or two, like a small flower or heart, maybe a vine, but it's not something I dwell on.  If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, no big deal.

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Tats don't bother me. Some are quite beautiful and are artwork in their own right. My daughter got her first tat at 36 y/o - she had the meaning of each daughter's name tatooed on her rib cage.

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I for the most part, think they are unattractive.


I see some fantastic art in many of the tattoos, and admit there is such talent in some of these artists. 


We are all entitled to our opinions, but I feel many people who get especially excessive amounts of tattoos are not happy in their own skin. They are looking for something, following the crowd, seeking attention and/or wanting to fit in with a trend. 


My own son got his first two tats this year. I understand what he chose, and why (they have meaning to him) and the art is good. But I disapprove and I told him so before he did it. I mostly disapprove because I don't think he matured enough to make a really life long commitment kind of decision to something like this. I remember being 21 and thinking I had myself and who I was all figured out. Boy I didn't and most kids that age don't.


It is what it is, and people will do what they want with their own bodies, I don't think anyone including me should tell people what to do with something like this. 


I do have to respect their right to do as they please,but I don't have to like it, or find it attractive, and I don't.

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Re: Tattoos - Yea or Nay?

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@GenXmuse wrote:

I don’t judge others who don’t have tattoos. Why harsh on those that do?  It’s very unbecoming and small minded.  Now pat yourselves on the back. Go on.  I’ll wait. 


It's an opinion and people are allowed to have them.


Most posters admit they like the people in their lives who are tatted, they don't like the look. 


There is nothing small minded in thinking something looks bad or maybe is done for the wrong reasons. Its no different than thinking a certain style of clothing doesn't look good on people, it's simply an opinion on the way something looks.