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Blessed be the fruit.

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I believe to each her/his own.  What a person does with their body is their business.  I personally don't love most full body art or full sleeves, but there are exceptions.  Just a few days ago a Native American jewelry artist posted a photo of his full back tattoo.  It's a spectacular eagle.  The head is on the back of his neck, and the wings spread out over his shoulders.  The body goes down his back.  The art is amazing, and the subject is very meaningful to him.  I absolutely love it.  


I don't have any, but have thought about it years ago and sometimes still.  One thing that stopped me is that I'm allergic to so much, and can't imagine putting ink in my body that I might be allergic to.  Equally important is that years ago I couldn't come up with anything that I was confident that I wouldn't regret in the future.  I don't think I'll ever get one, but if I did it would be something meaningful, and I'd pick a very talented artist to do the work.