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I'm a way big NAY!  When my daughter was about 14 she started bugging/begging me to give my permission for her to get a tat.  Uh, that would be a NO, a big fat NO!  Being the persistent child she was (I felt like I was raising 6 kids with this one) she never gave up and I never caved in.  On her 18th birthday she came home with the fool boy she was dating at the time and showed me what Mike "bought" her for her birthday.  Yep, you guessed it - the tat she dreamed of.  It's on her shoulder - 5 1/2" long, 2 1/2" wide; it's all black and she calls it a "tribal lizard."  So I naturally asked her, "what tribe is it exactly you belong to you little Irish girl?"  Yeah, no coherent answer to be had.  Then I asked Mike to show me his new tat.  Oh, he told me he hates them and would never ink his body.  I'm sure he's now married to some little pristine gal who was a whole lot smarter than my little rebel without a cause.


As many of you know by now, I'm in my mid-60s.  I bought my husband a Harley for his 40th birthday and we have ridden (not trailered) across the USA twice.  We have been to all but 8 of the continental US states (I will hit those 8 before my final day on Earth).  Anyway, a few years ago, a very good friend of ours and fellow Harley rider, married a gal who had never ridden before but it was something she always wanted to do.  She's my age, and recently has had one full arm covered in tats (mostly Harley related) and is now starting on arm number 2.  Her husband, like mine, has no tats and has expressed his displeasure - loud and clear.


I have recently noticed more and more women in my age group sporting tats.  Not tiny little butterflies or ladybugs on their ankles, but full leg/arm pieces.  I'm a real live and let live kinda gal, but I really don't get older women (or younger women for that matter) wearing ink.  I'm not being judgmental, I just don't get it.  Thoughts and your points of view would be appreciated.  Thanks, LuLu

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Re: Tattoos - Yea or Nay?

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Recanted and deleted


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I'm with you, a big NAY.  If it isn't tats, it is holes in noses, many ear piercings, etc.  I never understaood why a girl would do this to her body.  Of course, many later on wish they hadn't done it.

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I thought about getting one at one time.  I'm not impulsive, so thought about it for some time and didn't do it 


I'm over it now but whatever anyone else does...their business!  

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No issue with it.

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Tats really make a statement about the person wearing them. I personally hate to see tattoos on anyone. Wh n my daiughter went off to college she came home for a visit and had a tattoo on her ankle. I nearly had a fit! Discovered it was one that washes off...she thought it was a funny joke...I never did laugh..there is a verse in the Old Testament about disfiguring your skin..need to find the chapter and verse....
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I don't care for them either.  I really don't like the half & full sleeve.  It just looks like a dark mess from a distance. 


The other day DH and I were at the beach.  There was a young woman who had a very  nice figure wearing a bikini but her waist and a good part of her back was inked.  From a distance it looked terrible!  Many tats are dark...mostly black and dak blue and on her it wasn't a good look.


If you have a lot of ink covering your body & arms it's hard for a doctor to check your body for skin cancer....but I guess most don't ever think of that.

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I like them....that's all ..

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I am not into the damaged look.

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Re: Tattoos - Yea or Nay?

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Some tats are works of art but that said they signify how the wearer felt at the time he/she got them.  How many of us would like to do irrevocable change to their body's at age 25 or 35? Also some of them won't "age" well (when things start to sag or bag).  Fortunately my 30 year old son has nary a tatoo.