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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

Every year I can't wait to get all the decor down, packed away, and just outta here!   Ordinarily I take everything down the day after Christmas.  This year is different in so many ways.  The only decorating I did was the mantle in the living room and lights on the outdoor shrubs around the porch.  I think I'll leave them all up a few more days.  But they'll all be gone by New Years.  

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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

We keep ours up til a week into January - love the look and it's sad to take them down.

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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations


@godi wrote:

I only hang two stockings. I put them away 6:30 this morning and I'm exhausted. 🤣


@godi I woke up cranky this morning, so I much appreciated a great morning laugh. 

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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

We try to take everything down on January 1st.  

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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

It varies for me, but never before the first of the year, often not until the middle of January. 


Christmas is a season, and I find it ridiculous to put stuff up at Halloween and take it down Christmas night. Christmas runs through the 6th of January, and time to relax and enjoy everything usually comes after all the hub bub of Christmas day is over. 


I say people should do what they like, and what makes them happy or fits their needs. If they like holiday stuff up in July, so be it, it's all good.


I just have a 'thing' with people trashing the entire decorations on the day after (or the actual night of Christmas itself). It just seems like they have an issue with the holiday, and maybe shouldn't even do it at all if they aren't really even going to honor they entire holiday season. But like I said, it's just a 'thing' that bothers me, doesn't mean anybody needs to care that I think that! LOL

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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

@twinsister wrote:

As a child, my mother always waited until January 6th to take down the tree and everything else.   I followed that tradition for a long time, but the last few years everything was down and put away by New Year's Day.


When do you take down your decorations?

Today !!! 

Everything is put away.  With all of this time off I have gotten 

much cleaning done.  I even enjoyed decorating some.  This Christmas 

gave me so much anxiety.  It just snuck up on me.  Too much going

on in this world ...... I felt it hard to enjoy.  So lastnight.....and today, 

I put every single thing away.   It feels good to have it put away.  

I am hoping I can figure out for next year........ how to make it extra special

This one.......was hard for me ...... I had to put it all away today .

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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

I took all my decorations down today. Except two small ones that I missed, they are on the bookshelf. 


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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

I don't do it all at once, I take a few days and do some each day, my tree is the last to come down as it is the most work with the ornaments and garland. I usually have everything down and the windows cleaned and vaccum by New Years Eve.  I use to do everything New Years day and found it was just too much work. I hope we all can look forward to a really Happy New Year and get past all this uncertainty we have had in 2020. 

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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

My mother always took them down New Year's Day, and I followed that for years....however, I just took down most of my decorations today (not that I put up that many). The stockings, candles, etc. are gone.  Only things remaining are the wreaths on the front door and my living room mirror, and the 8 inch Xmas tree on the bar console.  


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Re: Taking down the Christmas decorations

We usually take ours down two days after Christmas Day but this year we are taking it down tomorrow, NewYears Eve is going to be bitter cold and blustery...maybe some sleet/ the perfect day to make soup and take down the tree. I think we will have a long and cold winter here...though they are usually not too bad....I am so ready for spring as soon as Christmas is over and the new year begins.