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I am so glad that I live in a part of the country where the wildlife consists of mostly deer, squirrels, foxes, toads and birds.  I rarely see a snake of any kind.


That would freak me out.....

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@SharkE wrote:

I can do without seeing this post. LOL

@SharkE Hey!  The Shak's swimming again!  Thanks!

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I DO NOT like "outdoor critters." of any kind.  

       (or bugs any kind, any where)

  I belong INSIDE, they belong OUTSIDE. 


My beloved, late Dad was born & bred Texas.  He taught me to check my shoes/boots, or any/all footwear before putting my foot into them.  (for his "Texas reasons")   I never stopped checking inside!


Havent found anything inside there yet, but he must have had a good reason.  I still check!


(If I was a critter, & happened indoors,  I think I'd try to hide in a boot!  so it made good sense to me!)

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Wow @Pezzie !  I have been on the look out for copperheads with the warm weather starting here in upstate SC.  Making sure to get leaves moved away from the house since they blend in so well.  Of course, we are getting a really cold snap for the next week or so. Not good for all the blooming vegetation.  


Snakes are a part of country living and I knew that when I moved here.  So, it's up to me to adapt and deal with them.   But Wow!  

If my dog doesn't like you, neither do I.
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Do snakes particularly hide in leaves?   or accidentally?


I do a lot of raking here.