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I have a co-worker who has done a few bodybuilding comps. You wouldn't believe how stressful it was for me! I had to cover for her, smell her microwaved fish and eggs, and she took an inordinate amount of time off for workouts, nutrition counseling, posing tutoring and on and on and on. Even on duty all she did was google workouts and bodybuilders. Hopefully she's done with it. She didn't use steroids but took an enormous amount of supplements from GNC every day including stimulants that put her off her rocker and protein powders that shall be say, could get rather gaseous.


I was a nervous wreck and her hobby wore me out! Smiley Frustrated


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Women look better with curves. 

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She always has been a big "oops". I'm guessing she downed some jolt juice and pills along this road. Not a good look.

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