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I thought I would share my recent (first) purchase with Temu. These darling shoes are all leather and were a buy at $8! Arrived within two weeks, looked just like the picture. I will use them for house shoes, although they could easily work outside.IMG-0122 temu.jpg

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@zitawins  Thanks for the post. I've seen several things on their pop up's that caught my eye but I'm so leary of another online shop and giving my sacred info. and of course pop up's in general. Glad you had a good experience. I just need to make the decision.

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From the picture, they're cute.

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All of a sudden their ads are everywhere, including on every website I want to read. They're using very aggressive marketing.  Makes me more determined to ignore them.

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It's basically an online dollar store.  Based in America, but owned by Chinese.  I wouldn't trust it.

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I've ordered from Temu. I ordered a few tops just to try it. They arrived in less than a week. Comparable  quality as a top you might find at TJMaxx for $12.99 or $14.99, and these were $7. 

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With all the complaints about QVC selling merchandise from China, I'm surprised people are ordering from Temu. 

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I have never ordered from them or even looked at their site, yet I get multiple emails every day from them in two of my email accounts.  How did they get those addresses?  Which site sold my addresses?  Grrrrr

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I am NOT a fan and we haven’t even ordered from them!

Everything ships from China and we are getting packages at our door that are purchases from other people, not us.

At first I thought it was a scam such as brushing but it looks like it’s just incompetence. No packing slip inside. I backtracked from the barcodes the shipments came from Temu which is a Chinese distributor. Trying to contact them has proven fruitless.

We’ve received 4 packages so far.

Yes, our credit cards are fine.

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I'm a little confused. All those posts about Shein's disposable clothing, unethical practices, child slavery, etc. and Temu is OK?


Temu is a platform where individual companies post their own offerings. Shein manufactures its own clothing and also commissions and purchases from other factories.


I'm sure there's lots of crossover. Is a $7 top bought on Temu less disposable than one bought on Shein?