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Re: Sympathy for those of you up north

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I love snow, I miss snow in my beautiful East Tennessee but it doesn't snow like it used too.  When it does snow in our part of N. Georgia, I say let it come after everyone's off the road on a Friday evening and be off the roads during the week-end and mostly gone by Monday.



Lots of people work on weekends when roads aren't maintained as well as weekdays. ]



Well thank you for that, as I was well aware of people working on the week-ends when I made my post.  I said "be off the roads during the week-end" meaning the snow. 


Have a great day!

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Re: Sympathy for those of you up north

I love the cold,  the change of seasons, the snow, whatever the weather brings us.  I have family SOUTH and I would not trade it.  I have mountains, and lakes and forests, beautiful wildlife,  and all that is beautiful from nature.  

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Re: Sympathy for those of you up north

I really don't know how I lived in Buffalo most of my life and never complained about being cold. There were many times I ran up to the store with no jacket on and I would even wait for the school bus with no coat. I once sat outside for 6 hrs tailgating for a Bills game when the windchill was -20 degrees and it didn't bother me at all.


A couple of days ago it was 33 degrees on my way to work and I was shivering so bad that I had to pull over to wait for my car to warm up because it was affecting my driving. 


I just can't handle it anymore. I went skiing at least 6-8 times a season and took my daughter snow shoeing, X country skiing, and sledding. I didn't realize how soft I have become to cold weather.

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Re: Sympathy for those of you up north

Grew up in the northeast, so don't know any different. Love the seasons.