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It sure is hot!!!


Love summer, we can get thru this.


Supposed to be only in the 80's tomorrow, so I can deal with this heat.

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Give me the heat. I can't take cold, ice & snow. We have had a very wet summer so not much summer weather.

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That's a daily thing in Tx from July thru Aug. This yr it was from mid june and  it will run thru Aug. We can't figure out what the hoopla is about.



SWEATMAN.gif We  had 1 day of 105, last yr the high was 108'


Been cool this yr. LOL

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I know and I feel it here in central Texas, only try 50 days of 100 heat.  I want the snow too.  We have to send kids home early because some of the old school house have no air conditioning, and neither do some of the school buses.  That is just unacceptable, those schools could have been upgraded as well as school buses.  Just my opinion.

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We have had almost 60 days of triple digit heat so far...more in sight...more than ready for a break in this heat...
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@lovesrecess wrote:
We have had almost 60 days of triple digit heat so far...more in sight...more than ready for a break in this heat...

as the song goes........let it snow...let it snow....let it snow!!

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Yesterday and today were oppressive, and I've had enough !!  I never complain about the cold, and I long for fall and yes, winter.

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@NicksmomESQ wrote:

  I love Summer.Here in New York where they’re too short I will never complain about the heat.I soak in every last minute of it!!

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@Krimpette wrote:

I'm not that big a fan of the sweltering heat, but at least i don't have to shovel it!!!!!  I can wait for the snow.....forever, if possible!!!!

@Krimpette  I think I've posted with you before and we both are from the same general area (N. VA).  I moved to my present location a year ago and to get healthier I've tried to get out and walk each day.  I've done so unless it's raining hard, snowed or brutal cold where I'm fearful I may fall - BUT this is the first year I haven't walked just bc it's hot.   Today and the last 2 days have been weather alerts and stifling out so I've stayed inside in the A/C. Color me a wimp!! 

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@Financialgrl Greetings!  Actually, I'm from the MD suburbs!  But close enough!.  I don't blame you for not walking in the heat.  I'm thankful that we have daily exercise classes available at my local senior center.  I can go in the morning and then stay indoors the rest of the day on these brutal days!