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Looks like a match made in heaven.  The love they have for one another is obvious.  May they continue to share the future together.  Heart

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Re: Sweet photo

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How sweet!!!  Elephants are amazing creatures.  There have been some great shows on PBS about them.  One that sticks in my mind is about an orphaned elephant named Naledi.  I think it was on the Nature show.  

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What a sweet picture!  Bless those who protect the animals!

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@Tuffcookie wrote:

What a sweet picture!  Bless those who protect the animals!

@Tuffcookie, I agree -- and curse those who hurt them in any way.

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Oh does that warm my heart.  What a wonderful, tender and loving photo.  Animals are the best and so are the humans who have such compassion and love for them.  There is a wonderful story that was on PBS a while back, it might be on youtube, it is about an elephant  and his best friend, a dog, named Bella.  It is an amazing story of the bond and love between these two.

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Absolutely adorable, uplifting and precious!  Elephants feel emotions and I wish I could hug one too!  I hope they all find safe havens away from evil predators.  We must do what we can to protect these majestic creatures, we are their voices.


Thanks for a beautiful scene.

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LOL, Now that is cute.

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Just adorable so sweet!!!...........Heart

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Me, to Baby Elephant....


You're MINE now.

Mine until you draw your last breath I don't care how big you get - Mine all mine.

Yes, invite your herd over - have them over for good for all I care, but YOU are MINE!

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I'm going to look into this foundation.  Thank you.


My heart melts, especially when it comes to elephants.


They are very pre-historic looking.  We must keep them safe.

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