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Her "natural" treatments extended her life for 23 years.  Many learned a lot from her research that she published in her books.  Very appreciative for her sharing and her persistence to explore and implement holistic practices.  Sweet flight Suzanne!

She said she has had a combination of traditional medicine and holistic treatment.

Here's a quote from an Instagram post she made in August:


"Since I have been taking time off from work, many of you have asked for more details about my health," she wrote. "As you know, I had breast cancer two decades ago, and every now and then it pops up again, and I continue to bat it down. I have used the best alternative and conventional treatments to combat it. This is not new territory for me. I know how to put on my battle gear and I'm a fighter."

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 Oh I hate to hear this. I read she passed in her sleep.

@BoopOMatic  very sad to hear ,  I didn't realize she was sick ,   I only wish when my time comes I go softly in my sleep .  what a blessing I feel.  

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Wasn't it her who was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided against standard treatment?  I am being treated for breast cancer, and can attest that the treatment is miserable!


But I believe it gives one the best chance.  I had heard she was doing "holistic" or "natural" treatment.  That was surely her right, but maybe it didn't work out so well for her.



I read she fought it for 23 years. 

@Judaline it gave her many more years then.   I remember her talking about holistically treating her cancer yrs ago now that I think of it .

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I first remember her as the blonde in the T-Bird in American Graffiti.  She fought the good fight.  RIP Suzanne.  ❤

I would give everything I own just to have you back again.......David Gates of Bread
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Suzanne Somers.... RIP

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Initially, Suzanne had a lumpectomy and radiation, I would call that fighting it medically. 

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Re: Suzanne Somers has died

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I just wrote on the other thread about how devastated her hubby, 10 years her senior will be. He said in her Lifetime bio years ago that if she passed before him he will not be able to go on, and she left her burial instructions with Manilow since she knew Alan could not handle it on his own. She said she wanted Barry to make all the arrangements, she said this years ago on HSN. 

I understand this @Shelbelle.  My Mom passed almost 3 years ago.  Her husband of 46 years was 9 or 10 years younger and extremely healthy.


Guess what?  When she was gone he only made it to a year and passed too.   So there you go. (it does not really matter how good or bad the relationship was he had a purpose of taking care of her)


I remember talking to him and being the staunch Lieutenant Colonel he was in US army years back he said he was fine.  He fell apart 6 months later.


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I pray that Suzanne Somers was prepared to meet my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is sad when someone dies but for the Christian it is just moving to a new location.  This location is where there will be no more sickness, sorrow or sadness or any kind of evil.  This place is called Heaven where there is peace, love and joy.  

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I'm gobsmacked! It never occurred to me that Suzanne Somers wouldnt live a long, long, longer than this, happy life.


I read all her Books.  Even took her carefully researched (by me) Vitamins, until I couldnt find them, or the like, any more.


Prayers for Suzanne's Family, Friends, Fans & loved ones.


Rest in Peace, dear Lady, Suzanne Somers.  you  " ...fought the good fight,"

you have finished the race,...            



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@Shelbelle wrote:

Initially, Suzanne had a lumpectomy and radiation, I would call that fighting it medically. 

That's probably what started her journey into homeopathy, etc. She did a lot of reading and investigating. She was a smart gal in looking into her chances and her best shot-which she gave it.