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Re: Susan Lucci

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Stunned a cardiologist would say ‘live your life as you usually did’.

Guaranteed repeat business.

He meant activities @sidsmom. Exercising..


Thought you might be interested in his son ...another cardiologist. He is a plant based diet advocate. He seems to have a lot of info on his Insta-gram account. So it just proves even in the same family, doctors have different approaches.


I saw the YouTube video of his son’s girlfriend while they were cooking.

It would be in the Dr’s best interest to adhere to that Plant Based Diet

before he has heart issues.  He’s clearly overweight.

And cooking bacon & hamburgers...stunned...a cardiologist be

eating this way.  Oof. My doctors are slim & trim.

Most doctors don’t care to make their patients well. Clearly this is one. 


Most doctors don't care to make their patients well?  Seriously?



               It's a disturbing and completely inaccurate statement, isn't it, @NYC Susan.   Can you imagine if we posted "most law enforcement officers don't care to protect or inform the public -- guaranteed repeat business," or "most nurses don't care to make their patients well -- guaranteed repeat business," or "most teachers don't care if their students succeed -- guaranteed repeat business," or...  well, the list goes on to any group we attempt to defame and dehumanize.   It's dreadfully fallacious, groundless stereotyping, a red-flag alert to bad information, and it's certainly no way to open anyone's eyes or ears to a person's message.😳   


@dooBdoo, Susan and I share the same physician. He saved my life more times than I can share here. Reading condemnations against his character literally sicken me. This doctor is renowned in his field and saves lives on a daily basis. 


Thank you for your eloquent post...


Nicely said.


I feel the same way about criticism of Susan.  Seeing someone who doesn't know her criticize her diet and lifestyle, and berate her for not making changes makes my blood boil.  People just show how ignorant they are when they generalize and assume.  I am very satisfied that Susan is in good hands and that she is compliant.


I'm glad you've received such good care, and I wish you continued good health!